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    Ante Up

    The battle between DraftKings and Fanatics over the acquisition of PointsBet took a unique turn this week. It was announced that Fanatics had submitted an additional bid to acquire PointsBet for $225 million. Fanatics’ offer increase was in response to DraftKings’ last-minute offer to acquire PointsBet for $195 million. DraftKings and PointsBet needed to work out details since DraftKings’ last-minute offer was non-bidding, and ultimately time had run out for both parties. PointsBet shareholders are scheduled to meet on Friday to discuss the Fanatics bid. Fanatics will likely acquire PointsBet to obtain sports betting licenses in hotbed sports betting markets like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Michigan. PointsBet Chairman Brett Paton is optimistic about their partnership with Fanatics, indicating to CNBC, “Our U.S. team will have a strong future as part of the Fanatics Betting and Gaming group, and PointsBet will build on the opportunities in Australia and Canada underpinned by a strong balance sheet.” 

    Healthy Competition

    Much speculation has been made about what motivated DraftKings to want to acquire PointsBet. DraftKings and PointsBet operate in similar markets, leaving some to believe the acquisition would not have supported expansion into new territories. Their $195 million cash offer not going through only proves the lengths they were willing to go to block a competitor from entering the sports betting industry. Can you blame DraftKings? Some project the sports betting industry value to increase to $170 billion by 2030. As sports betting continues to be an essential aspect of the sports fan experience, the value of the market share will increase exponentially, increasing competition among already established sportsbooks and ones on the rise, like Fanatics. 

    The Alternative 

    The battle between DraftKings and Fanatics for acquiring PointsBet demonstrates how billionaire entities prioritize business in the sports betting industry. The intense competition and high financial stakes highlight fans’ disadvantage when betting against the house. However, an alternative exists in Splash Sports, where fans can compete with friends, minimizing financial risks and emphasizing friendly competition and camaraderie. While the acquisition of PointsBet by Fanatics reflects the industry’s growth, fans should carefully consider options like Splash, which offers a refreshing approach to sports betting, fostering community and reducing financial risks. Unlike traditional sports betting platforms, Splash Sports prioritizes the joy of participation over monetary gains. This refreshing approach creates an engaging, interactive environment that enhances the fan experience. 

    Splash fosters community among sports enthusiasts, connecting individuals with shared interests and passions. Fans come together through interaction, discussion, and celebrations, strengthening their sense of belonging. Additionally, the platform embraces innovation with interactive gameplay, real-time updates, and cutting-edge multimedia content, creating a dynamic and immersive sports experience.

    General FAQs

    How to make a sports pool?

    Starting a sports pool is easy with RunYourPool! We have fully customizable settings, dedicated customer support, and we make it easy to invite friends so you can compete against them.

    What is a sports pool?

    Sports pools are games to play with family and friends. With RunYourPool, all you need to do is pick your sport, pick one of our game types, set up your pool, and compete!

    How do I invite people to my pool?

    Inviting friends to your pool is easy with RYP! We provide you with a custom link that you can send out to anyone you would like. We also have a connections feature to allow you to easily invite members to join your pool.

    Who can play in a sports pool?

    Anyone can play in a pool on RunYourPool! With our array of game types throughout multiple sports, there's an option for everyone.

    How much does RunYourPool cost?

    Our pricing tiers are determined by how many members you have in your pool. We have three tiers; Amateur, Pro, and Front Office. Our pricing page provides a breakdown of all three options!

    Is RunYourPool legal?

    RunYourPool is 100% legal. We do not allow any illegal entry fees or gambling on our website.


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