NFL Breakdown Week 17

NFL Breakdown Week 17

Lots of excitement to go over this week!

Nicky G
Nicky G

It's hard not to start this post talking about the much maligned Antonio Brown, given how often his name has popped up in the newsletter, in your reader replies (remember: he's getting a lump of coal for Christmas!), and basically everywhere in the news — but this week proved to be pretty exciting, even without the drama, so we're going to skip that with just a nod to him —  as TB12 said: we hope he gets the help he needs.

There's drama-for-drama's-sake, and then there's what we all watched on Sunday. And the latter clearly isn't healthy, and while AB has had his fair share of unlikable actions, there is something to be said about the pressure of performing at such a high level. I'm not for kicking a guy when he's down. Who am I, Ndamukong Suh?

Anyway!  So, what did we learn in Week 17, the penultimate week of the season? Lots of fun stuff, actually.

First: Joe Burrow has a legitimate nuclear weapon in Ja'Marr Chase. The whole KC-Cincy game was a clinic for how to throw 30-yard passes over the head of single coverage (and also an argument for why YAC should be a WR-only fantasy stat). It also opens up the conversation for what version of the Chiefs will show up in the Playoffs: the team with the defense that held the Green Bay Packers to 7 points (granted, without Aaron Rodgers, but still), or this team?

Second: Tom Brady still has the Jets' number. It looked like a bit like we watching the slow-motion decay of Tampa after a hot early December. Losing to NYJ wasn't in the cards, as the GOAT engineered a a gaming-winning drive that would've been exciting had it not been Tom Brady torching the Jets in the final 30 seconds of a game.

Third: Justin Herbert is the real deal. In fact, no San Diego Chargers quarterback has ever thrown for 35 touchdowns in a single season. Nope. Not even Phillip Rivers at the height of his game. Herbert tossed two TDs against the Denver D, and still has one more week to pad the record.

Now the bigger question: How did all of this excitement play out in your picks? Let's look at the sitewide data!

Survivor: Surviving To The Bitter End

With only 2 per 1,000 entrants surviving thus far, we're all sort of itching for the final 2 to be pared down to 1. It's just a nice natural end to the year.

We'll have to wait one more week it appears, because only 10% of remaining entrants were eliminated from their respective survivor pools.

Out of the top 10 survivor selections, only those who picked the Kansas City Chiefs were eliminated — at a hair over 4% of all picks. Let's check out the breakdown:

That's some diplomatic picking if we've ever seen it, especially this late in the season.

SU Pick'em: 12-4

An already-strong 144-100 last week improved to 156-104 after the teams that everybody thought should win actually won. The biggest shocker to the Straight-Up NFL Pick'em Pool crowd: The Las Vegas Raiders taking one against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. A solid 84% of straight-up pickers had Indy in that one.

ATS Pick'em: 9-7

Our collective 122-118 last week improved to 131-125 with a little padding to insure we land above. 500 as a group against-the-spread at the end of this season! The biggest whiff on the ATS side of the house was the Jets covering against Tom Brady's Bucs.

Of note: We had one perfect ATS record!

Congrats to Jim Karalekas for his perfect 16-0 Against the Spread showing this week. Out of thousands upon thousands of picks, only Jim K. had a perfect outing.

One more week to go y'all! Make sure to pick the right picks! (Maybe even consult ol' Jim about it.)


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