The RYP Meme Roundup: 2/14-2/20
"It's over, ladies and gentlemen." Shaq, probably, as he walked to his car after the dunk contest.

The RYP Meme Roundup: 2/14-2/20

For better or for worse, All-Star Weekend provided us with some incredible internet moments.

Matt K
Matt K

I'm pretty sure I've seen this movie before, 76ers fans might not like the ending. Yes I love Taylor Swift.

KenPom should be a household name at this point. Providence lost this game by the way.

Citizens of the civilized Philadelphia, on this day we mark a transition.

Now I may be a homer, but the Celtics NBC graphics crew is arguably the best in the business.

Flop or charge?

So close. So, so close.

This is so depressing. This gives off the same vibes as the old 'graphic design is my passion' meme.

Well is that face the second-best option that you have?

First of all, I'm the same height as Aaron Donald, which is wildly depressing because he looks like he ate 4 of me. Second of all, I'm seeing one of these debates spark up again. This time it was "do you think you could score doing a 1-yard QB sneak?" and saw a WILD amount of yes. You cannot, ever, under any circumstance, accomplish any of these hypothetical scenarios in a professional sporting event. Stop thinking that you can.

Retire the jersey already!

We're going to hear a variation of this quote at least five more times before the season ends.

It hurts because it's true!

And here's your All-Star Weekend roundup. Have a great week, everyone.


Matt K

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