The RYP Sports Meme Roundup 12/19-12/24

The RYP Sports Meme Roundup 12/19-12/24

Matt K
Matt K

How else better to celebrate the holiday season than by laughing at some of the best sports memes of the week? This week, we had quite a few NFL upsets, fantasy football playoffs, and the day the world went dark (no I will not apologize for exaggerating the travesty that was the canceling of the Hawaii Bowl.)

Let's get into the action.

I aspire to be this level of petty. We need more of this in the entire sports world.

Brady just can't escape the true GOAT.

After further review, this was the correct pronunciation of Regina. Who knew!

Schefter's moves aside, this is 100% true. Do defensive backs really think they did anything when a QB misses their receiver by 20 yards?

I wouldn't be surprised if Ray Allen gets a call soon to take back the 3 point record.

Y2K. The stock market crash of '08. Ebola. Canceling the 2020 Hawaii Bowl. Absolute tragedy.

Kemba Walker had himself a WEEK. I guess he read our last meme roundup!

You could have tweeted this literally after any game the Browns have played this season and it would have held up.

How do you 'accidentally' like a tweet during CHURCH??? This has to be a top-10 worst excuse of all time.

And we'll leave all of our fantasy football managers with this. Guy like me didn't even have to worry about this, I didn't make the playoffs. Chess, not checkers.


Matt K

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