RYP Presents: In Deep Sheet, Part 5: The Upkeep
And so our journey ends after several dozen hours of hard manual labor instead of using RunYourPool's amazing, intuitive, beauteous pick'em.

RYP Presents: In Deep Sheet, Part 5: The Upkeep

After the setup it may feel like you're finally finished with all the pick'em work. But in many ways, you've only just begun.

Nicky G
Nicky G

After the setup it may feel like you're finally finished with all the pick'em work. But in many ways, you've only just begun.

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Step 5a: Get to know your pick sheets

Because you’re doing this whole College Football pick'em thing yourself and not using the best college football pool service in the world (cough us cough cough), you’re going to want hard copies of your pick sheets for as many people as you can.

This is largely due to the fact that you'll  be playing in your own pick'em pool and people won't trust you 100% if you win. Without a legit third-party software company like RunYourPool, you'll need a paper trail for your college bowl pick'em pool.

When you enter your picks in your crappy little pick'em spreadsheet we gave you in Part 3, you'll want to maintain a sense of anonymity, as well.

Warning: Allowing members to see what other people have selected is bad form. A member can “game the system” when they know how popular a given pick is for a bowl game and therefore we do not recommend sharing your master list with your entrants until pools have all be submitted (you can sneakily use their picks to decide your own picks though wink wink) (just kidding don’t be that person).

If you don't like the idea of collecting physical spreadsheets, you can also get your members to take a screenshot of their picks to save for their own records. And if you don't like the idea of any of this, you should've thought about that before you didn't use RunYourPool.com.

Step 5b: Update your spreadsheet after every game, immediately after the game ends

First: Do not call a winner when there's still even a second left on the clock.

Do not make the mistake of assuming Chris Davis won’t run that field goal back for a touchdown and enter in the winner of game early.

You. Will. Make. Enemies.

Lifelong enemies, even.

It's possible — even highly likely — that your members will want to see where they stand immediately after a game is decided. You could, of course, use RunYourPool's service, which automatically updates at the end of every game. Or you stop whatever you're doing  — no matter what you're doing — and can go into your spreadsheet and update them immediately. Nothing like telling your spouse to hold off on Christmas caroling so you can let your pool  know that North Texas just beat Miami of Ohio (or Miami of Ohio beat North Texas!).

Step 5c: Prepare Your NCAA Bowl Postseason Report

If you've done your part and included an unassailable tie-breaker (see Step 2) into the college bowl pick'em rules, you're going to have one winner. And that means you’re going to have dozens of people who are going to want to see how, why, and when they lost.

Enter: the last thing you'll need to do for this year: a bowl season report. In a way, this sort of officially ends the season.

You'll first start with who won, what they won, how many points they scored and if a tie-breaker was necessary. If you have other prizes/places, you'll need to include their names as well.

What a journey it's been!

Now your final step, before you go off into the wild blue yonder:

Step 5d: How Easy RunYourPool.com Makes Making Your Own College Bowl Pool

Step 1: Pick a game type and sign up here. — 3 minutes.

Step 2: Confirm your email. — 1 minute.

Step 3: Sign in. — 1 minute

Step 4: Invite your members. — 10 minutes

Step 5: That’s it.

That's it.

You don't have to spend hours setting up a Google Sheet,  deal with the hassle of developing your own rules, or learn the complexities and nuances of formulas. You just have to take 15 minutes with us.

Isn't that much better than the countless hours we've described above?


Yeah, it is.


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